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Turning fitness challenges into victories

All the fitness challenges you may face are no match for our platform. Rise above with YourCoaching.


The Challenge

Client Engagement

Clients often lose interest after the initial weeks of coaching.

Costly App Development

Clients often lose interest after the initial weeks of coaching.

Technical Hassles

Dealing with coding and legal intricacies can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Time Drain

Building and maintaining an app consumes valuable coaching time.

High Complexity

The complexity and costs associated with app development can be daunting.


The Solution

Client Engagement Boost

YourCoaching enhances client engagement, reducing dropout rates.

Affordable App Creation

YourCoaching provides a cost-effective solution for building your coaching app.

Simplified Technical Process

No coding or legal hurdles with our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Time-Efficient App Management

YourCoaching streamlines app management, giving you more time for coaching.

Reduced Complexity

We simplify app development, making it accessible and cost-effective for coaches.


All the fitness challenges you may face are no match for our platform. Rise above with YourCoaching.

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All-in-One Coaching Solution

Keep your coach accessible to your clients anytime, anywhere.

Conduct live coaching sessions directly through your app.


Seamless Onboarding Support

Prioritize your success with personalized one-on-one calls until your app is live.

Maximize your coaching potential with tailored guidance.


Integrated Coaching Tools

Eliminate the need for third-party tools like Zoom.

Host live sessions, manage everything within your app effortlessly.


Customization for Your Coaching Niche

While fitness-oriented, YourCoaching adapts seamlessly to your unique coaching style.

Suitable for coaches across all niches.


Create Plans with Ease

Effortlessly design your plans using the intuitive Drag & Drop interface.

Start by defining three main categories aligned with your core coaching themes.

Upload your content within these categories, allowing you to generate a wide array of plan variations through the Drag & Drop system.

Seamlessly associate these plans with the subscription packages you’ve created.


Easy Customer Onboarding

Get to know your clients with tailored questions to gauge their fitness levels.

Receive personalized recommendations based on client responses.


Cost Savings

Save up to 30% on costs with outsourced in-app purchases.

Streamline your financials and save valuable time.


Your Own Branded App

Establish your unique fitness app, complete with your branding, on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Showcase your logo, colors, and style.


Integrated Marketing Tools

Harness the power of push notifications, affiliate links, and more to market your app.

Generate additional revenue and upsell opportunities


Live Coaching and Workshops

Deliver live coaching sessions and interactive workshops directly through your app.

Engage with your clients in real-time, fostering a sense of community.


Create Offers and Coupons

Attract new clients with compelling promotions and discounts.

Collaborate with influencers and run special campaigns.


Advanced Tracking with Google Tag Manager

Elevate your marketing efforts by integrating Google Tag Manager.

Gain access to sophisticated tracking capabilities for data-driven decision-making.


Focus on Content, Not Legal Matters

Leave complex legal and data privacy concerns to us.

Concentrate solely on creating valuable content for your audience.


Rapid App Creation

Your own app can be up and running within just one or two days, without the need for coding.

Success stories from coaches

Hear from coaches who’ve made the leap and achieved incredible results with

The meal planning feature in YourCoaching has been a breakthrough for my nutrition coaching.

Michael Schmidt

Nutrition Coach

Mit YourCoaching konnte ich schnell eine professionelle App erstellen. Das Live-Feature ist fantastisch für Echtzeit-Workouts und die Möglichkeit, eine Verkaufsseite zu haben, hilft mir, die Kosten für In-App-Käufe zu sparen.

Sarah Martinez

Fitness Coach

The personalized workout feature in YourCoaching is top-notch. It enables me to design specific strength programs for each client. The real-time feedback and performance tracking make adjustments and progress monitoring a breeze.

Alexander Fischer

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Avec YourCoaching, j’ai pu créer une application qui reflète ma marque. Les notifications push sont parfaites pour les upsells et les analyses initiales m’aident à offrir des plans personnalisés à mes clients.

Pierre Dubois


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