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The Launch Recap

Join us in revisiting the moments that led to the launch of YourCoaching

Your Coaching stands for knowhow, ease, freedom and unity.

Every person is unique and has special abilities and skills to focus on – at YourCoaching we call that “YourGift”. A personal gift, that everyone of us is carrying within. A gift that has the potential to inspire and teach others.

This gift and knowhow should be able to be imparted with a conscience ease and everyone should have the opportunity to share it. YourCoaching is the vehicle to bring those gifts into the world. It is the perfect solution for any kind of coach or influencer.

Our vision is to help turning as much coaching businesses or any kind of inspirational influencer businesses into a mobile app at an affordable and absolutely fair price. Independently from any big player social media platforms, easy to use and always keep the eyes on end user needs.

Our focus is on:




Personal Growth


Real Estate

Our Team

Our dedicated team at YourCoaching brings a wealth of expertise and passion to our mission

Yves Unser is an expert in life coaching with several years of experience as a personal trainer. He has built a marketing network with over 300 members across various channels and media, enabling tremendous reach and rapid dissemination of our content. Yves himself is a successful professional model, influencer, and actor with several years of experience in television.


Yves Unser

As an engineer and life coach, Alexander combines dedication and empathy with a solution-oriented, practical mindset. Alexander played a crucial role in transforming a medium-sized and globally active IT company from on-premise to cloud business solutions successfully over a period of more than 3 years.


Alexander Jung

Experienced software developer with extensive background in IT and services sector, proficient in ASP .NET, C#, Visual Studio, MySQL, and back-end web development. Holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad and has solid foundations in technical basics.


Nebojsa Trajkovic

Goran is an experienced designer with over 10 years in interface design and UX. Known for a creative and versatile approach, Goran combines aesthetics and functionality to enhance user experiences.

Design Lead

Goran Vujakovic

He is the founder and leader of CAMP-LINe & ROOTLESS FASHION. His expertise lies in founding young companies and projects as well as their scaling. He supports the team, is the contact person in all matters and implementations of Yourcoaching GmbH.

Business Advisor

Thorsten Weingärtner

As an economist and business founder, she has both an eye for the bigger picture and for important details. Lilli is involved in several startups in a variety of industries and is a co-founder. For young and established companies, she is a sparring partner in every phase of business development, from idea generation to market entry and growth phase. She is a startup all-rounder, supports the team in various matters, and brings energy and structure.


Dr. Lilli Leirich

An adept full-stack developer, who excels in the development of web and mobile applications, embodies a mix of experience with various programming languages and web frameworks. With a professional background rooted in the startup ecosystem, this person is determined to deliver results and maintain the highest quality standards.


Konstantin Zielinski

Quality assurance specialist with experience in both manual and automated testing. Proficient in various testing methods and processes. We are committed to delivering high-quality software and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Milan Kostic

Our Partners

Our dedicated team at YourCoaching brings a wealth of expertise and passion to our mission

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Utilize our intuitive tools to shape your app and sales page exactly as you envision, all without worrying about coding or technical complexities.

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