YourCoaching Values & Vision

Your Coaching stands for knowhow, ease, freedom and unity.

Every person is unique and has special abilities and skills to focus on – at YourCoaching we call that “YourGift”. A personal gift, that everyone of us is carrying within. A gift that has the potential to inspire and teach others.

This gift and knowhow should be able to be imparted with a conscience ease and everyone should have the opportunity to share it. YourCoaching is the vehicle to bring those gifts into the world. It is the perfect solution for any kind of coach or influencer.  

Our vision is to help turning as much coaching businesses or any kind of inspirational influencer businesses into a mobile app at an affordable and absolutely fair price. Independently from any big player social media platforms, easy to use and always keep the eyes on end user needs.

Our focus is on:




Mindset/Personal Growth


Real Estate

But not limited to that. Following our vision, we make the world a better place, step by step, with every coach or influencer we onboard.

The Better World Foundation

It is a heartfelt concern for us to give something back. That’s why we founded “Thebetterwordfoundation” which supports different projects around the world in basic needs like clean water, fresh air and food and also cares for environmental and animal protection. Every subscription supports the Thebetterworldfoundation directly. Let’s bring gifts to the world together.

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Our Team

He is an expert in life coaching and has several years of experience as a personal trainer. He built a marketing network with over 300 team members. In addition, Yves is a passionate professional model, influencer and actor with several years of experience in TV.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Yves Unser

As an engineer and a life coach he combines dedication and empathy with a solution oriented mindset and always keeps the overview. Alexander has been instrumental in successfully transforming a mid sized and globally acting IT company from onprem to cloud business solutions for over 3 years. As primary contact for sales for all subsidiaries worldwide, he pulled the strings in the operational business.

Chief Operating Officer
Alexander Jung

Mobile and UX designer with 10 years of experience. His expertise lies in understanding programming languages as well as how to best satisfy customer needs.

Head of Design
Goran Vujakovic

Vanessa Unser has always been close to people through her previous profession, where she ran her own business. Now being a mother herself, she knows exactly how to run a company :)
She is responsible for customer service and supports as the right hand of the management.

Executive Assistant
Vanessa Unser

Over the years working in the IT Industry, Nikola has been working in sales, account management, digital marketing, software development, and operations management. His expertise in understanding the needs of the client and his teammates has proven to be the key factor in problem-solving and laying the right path for ensuring the best quality delivery of service and product.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Nikola Pejović

Founder and director of large, public technology projects. His expertise lies in the establishment of young companies and projects as well as their scaling.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
André Tiede

Unsere Partner


Premium outfitter in the field of fitness / gym / street & urbanwear. As a premium partner of Yourcoaching we connect the digital world with the real world and equip your coach and you with the right outfits & accessories!


We are living in hectic times, trying to juggle multiple commitments while sitting a lot though neglecting posture-related issues-until chronic back pain sets in. iPlena is rushing to your help! Our posture scanner identifies signs of imbalances and based on your health goals you receive a daily customized exercise routine that takes only 3 minutes. Get an amazing posture while your morning coffee is getting ready!

Dream Direction

Dream-Direction supports you to bring your vision to the outside world and to become your own brand. Whether marketing or product development or management - our team supports you where it goes!


Cabani - over 5000 Models in your Pocket. Easy Casting.


A-DIGITAL from the Augsburg Innovation Park is a permanent partner of Your Coaching for the production of any marketing and advertising videos.